Scheduling API

Easily add TimeRex's powerful scheduling capabilities to your service. End users will experience convenient and seamless scheduling on your service.


The Scheduling API allows you to add powerful scheduling functionality to your service.

For example, a Scheduling API button can be placed on a business support tool, and by clicking the button, the user can proceed with Scheduling and receive the final date and time via the API. Therefore, the entire process from the start of schedule adjustment to the completion of the process, including the issuance of URLs for web conferencing, can be completed within the business support tool, providing a powerful schedule adjustment function as one function of the tool.

Get started

All specifications of the Scheduling API are published as API references, so anyone can start using the Scheduling API immediately.

Use of the Scheduling API is completely free. Registration with TimeRex (free of charge) is required to create the OAuth client needed to use the Scheduling API.

Please refer to the reference for how to use the Scheduling API.


Scheduling API Reference